Hi, I’m Tracey Beckett

I’m an inclusion champion.

I offer a positive space for families and community partners to collaborate and learn how to best support and empower people with a developmental disability.

I’m so excited you’re here!

Hi, I’m Tracey Beckett

I’m an inclusion champion.

I offer a positive space for families and community partners to collaborate and learn how to best support and empower our  special needs kids.

I’m so excited you’re here!

Wherever you are in your child’s journey, I am hoping I can help.

As a parent of a special child myself, one thing I know for sure is: the journey can ebb and flow. Sometimes we find a comfortable fit – a safe space to lean into. Sometimes, it can feel like we are swirling in the overwhelming emotions of uncertainty, fear, and sadness.

I know the feeling that there’s never enough resources, time, money, or ‘you’ to go around. I also know the heaviness – the weight of trying to hold it all together, to keep looking for what works, and the effort it is to stretch limited resources for the greatest benefit to your child.

Perhaps your kick-ass-ninja-advocate-warrior is needing some TLC? Or, maybe you need another team member on your side who can help? This is where I come in.

As a parent, you are your child’s best advocate! However, there are going to be times when you need to seek support and expertise to realize the hopes you have for your child and to keep a positive outlook. Together I will work with you to strategize and equip you to seek empowerment for your child.

Let’s talk. We’ll begin with a half hour consult to determine where to go from where you are.

Let’s dig in together.

Book your 30 minute conversation.

About Tracey

After 20 years of social work practice, I understand how our government, community and education systems work. I advocate on behalf of families to help them make the crucial connections they need to get results faster than they would on their own.


Not just a consultant but also an ally, my services are tailored to each family’s unique needs. I’ll help you prepare, strategize, and navigate community resources. Together we’ll evaluate what’s not working, and create a plan that is sustainable over the long term. As we dig in families will gain more confidence, and feel more capable and less alone as we work together.


  1. Knowledge is power. Connect with other special families and service providers in Kelowna and the Okanagan. Explore the latest community resources and services that will provide critical  tools and strategies to support your family. 

Kind Words from Remarkable Families

Navigating through the many ‘systems’ of special needs has proven to be an overwhelming journey. I have often felt alone and that I am ‘missing’ something but am too tired to advocate at times. When I met with Tracey, she not only provided me with resources that were available but she guided me through the process and followed up with care and concern. When I see Tracey talk about inclusion, her face literally lights up- it’s her passion. Families that are looking for an expert in the field of advocacy and inclusion have found their professional. Tracey has provided advice for our school district IEPs (Individualized education plans), has called around to connect my daughter with community recreational programs that fit our circumstances and has even been part of a team that helped advocate for a specialized pool chair for everyone to use. If you are hitting more walls than you can handle, bring a professional on your team. It doesn’t have to be this hard or lonely. Tyra Skibington, B.Kin

CEO of Mind Over Mat, Yoga Instructor, Special Needs Mama, Mind Over Mat

I’m here to help. Contact me to get started.